Plastová kanoe Samba 4.5

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Warranty (months) 24
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Length (cm) 450
Width (cm) 88
Weight (kg) 35
Max. load (kg) 300
Max. carrying capacity 2
Material polyetylen
Clasic and modern, stable but maneuvrable and fast, comfortable, unbreakable, solid and even unsinkable

Samba has all the characteristics associated with a perfect canoe. You are sure to enjoy an excellent ride. Smooth bottom with no edges or hollows makes Samba maneuverable nad fast. Compact bottom-keel-seat-deck connection provides the boat with the right rigidity. Bottom is reinforced by internal welded chamber keel. This keel together with the seats creates a very solid structure so the bottom stays rigid and does not bend. Air chambers in the keel and the seats provide Samba with extra flotation so it does not sink even when full of water. Holes in the keel for attaching your baggage make your travels in Samba even more comfortable. Important characteristic feature of Samba is reinforcement of bottom and ends which protects the boat from breaking and abrasion on shallow rivers. The layer of material at the bottom is up to twice thicker than at the deck and there is even more material at the ends!

Samba 4.5 is an excellent canoe with a very broad use; great choice for romantic trips on lakes, touring rivers and running rapids. It is intended mainly for touring, but can be used with no worries on easier whitewater. Samba can also be set up with oars and/or engine. It is suitable for 2-3 paddlers.

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Pěnová sedačka Samba
Pěnová sedačka Samba

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