Why should you purchase punts, canoes, inflatable dinghies and boat engines from us ?

Simply because it will be worth it. We guarantee reliable servicing of all boats purchased from us. Apart from servicing we also offer consultancy and we will be very happy to help you choose suitable equipment for the water.

Another reason to purchase punts, canoes, inflatable dinghies or boat engines from us is because you will be rewarded by our system of permanent discounts:

when purchasing in excess of 30 000 CZK –  discount of 3 %
when purchasing in excess of 50 000 CZK –  discount of 5 %

These discounts only apply for cash payments in Czech crowns and cannot be applied to already discounted prices.

Exercises lending office waterman's gear and motorboats service inflatable boats and ship engine production of fiberglass canoes and kayaks shop wholesale (GUMOTEX, K-GEAR, LAMINEX, MARINE, PANDA) sells

AQUAPAC - waterproof case on camera
GUMOTEX - inflatable boats
H2O SPORT - fiberglass boats
HIKO - buoyancy aids
K-GEAR - waterproof bags
LAMINEX - polyethylene paddles a oars
PANDA - wooden paddles
MARINE - ight aluminium motorboats
MINN KOTA - elektromotor
NONAME - spraydecks
PICODAS - sonars and GPS
SEVYLOR - inflatable boats
TOHATSU - ship engine from Japan
ZODIAC - inflatable motorboats

Tip of day

X-board - inflatable glider
Gumotex inflatable canoe Baraka
kajak Seawave - z půjčovny
X-board - inflatable gliderGumotex inflatable canoe Barakakajak Seawave - z půjčovny
 Discount 15 %166,25 € Discount 25 %1 604,17 € Discount 30 %1 604,17 €

141,25 €


1 202,92 €


1 122,92 €


in stockin stockfree shipping in Czech republicin stockfree shipping in Czech republic
X-board - inflatable glider, sledge, the pulley and hydrospeedInflatable boat suitable for water tourism, expeditions, white water, and as a small engine powered family boat.Kajak Seawave výprodej z půjčovny je jako nový, včetně náhradního kokpitu pro 1 osobu a 2 osoby. Je lepší osobní odběr.
Kajak PackLite
nafukovací kajak Framura použitý z půjčovny
Nafukovací kanoe Kolibri KM-330 CP
Kajak PackLitenafukovací kajak Framura použitý z půjčovnyNafukovací kanoe Kolibri KM-330 CP
 Discount 15 %325,63 € Discount 30 %1 191,25 € Discount 15 %840,00 €

276,67 €


833,75 €


714,17 €


in stockfree shipping in Czech republicin stockin stock
The PackLite kayak is an extremely compact and lightweight recreational inflatable kayak, with 3 inflation chambers for optimum safety.Nafukovací kajak Framura použitý z půjčovny určený na rekreační výlety a turistiku s možností umístění velkého množství bagáže.Nafukovaci kanoe KOLIBRI 330 je lehký nafukovací člun s pevným zadním čelem.