Kanoe Samba 5.2

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Warranty (months) 24
In Stock yes
Length (cm) 520
Width (cm) 89
Weight (kg) 44
Max. load (kg) 280
Max. carrying capacity 3
Material polyetylen
Samba 5,2 is an excellent canoe with a very wide application range from romantic trips on the lake to wandering through the rivers. It is intended mainly for tourism but with a statement to ride on a lighter WW. In addition Samba can be fitted with the oars or motor and run around the water areas. Its length and the displacement is suitable for 3 persons who will appreciate its easy handling.

Exceptional features:

speed and agility – with a smooth bottom with no recesses
excellent stiffness – a highly compact combination of bottom-keel-seat-deck
unsinkable – hollow seats and keel perform the function air chambers

Other features:

bottom is 2x more robust than the deck
in the peaks there is more material
holes in the collar and the keel of the ship ready for baggage fasten
storage – horns on the tops allows Samba to store in several layers on each other. The bottom of the ship is in parallel fully protected

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Pěnová sedačka Samba

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