Kajak ZET Raptor

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Warranty (months) 24
Availability (days) now
Length (cm) 255
Width (cm) 68
Weight (kg) 19
Max. load (kg) 65 - 100
Max. carrying capacity 1
Volume (l) 303
Material polyetylen
Color zelená, žlutá
This kayak is designed to deal with the most difficult white water conditions, suitable for multi – day trips, fit for steep creeks and also for extreme races. Due to the stability of the hull, it is ideal for beginner and intermediate levels. It will also assist them in overcoming their initial difficulties.

Raptor is really fast kayak and same way easy to steer. This kayak should be for all kayakers from beginner to expert. Outfitting got totally new design and system, especially seat is from “hybrid” material.

Why is this kayak different? Raptor is lighter than other kayaks and through the use of “Zelezny Technology” is also stronger.

• 4 years warranty

• Minimum of bolts and holes in kayak

• Unique foam holder

• Light and functional seat

• Stable hull

• Original design

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